Knowledgebase : Billing

Accounts are setup 24/7/365 regardless of what day of the week it is!

For security purposes all orders made at Hawk Host are manually verified for fraud. Typically account setup times are as follows

Shared, Cloud Web Hosting, Semi-Dedicated and Reseller Accounts: 1 hour or less.
Cloud Computes: 4 hours or less. This depends on the configuration of your compute.

Accounts are setup 24/7/365. Setup time may vary depending on current availability and the information you provide upon signup. If an order is found to be of high risk or requires management review, setup time may be delayed until the right personnel are available. Orders flagged for review are generally setup within 12 hours.

Upon signing up you will receive an email stating we have received your order and we are processing it. You may also receive an email stating balances must be paid before account setup as well as an email once payment has been made. Once this is completed you will receive a new account information email with all the information you will need to get your site online at Hawk Host.

If you don't see your "New Account Information" email within a few hours of signing up, we do suggest you check your junk/spam/bulk folder in case the email was filtered. Should you still not see the email in any of your inbox folders, please contact our sales department by emailing [email protected] for further assistance.

If you find your order has been marked as fraud, please click on this link for more information.

Hawk Host does not have a VAT number as we do not charge taxes to European clients for our services.

All shared, semi-dedicated, and reseller hosting services are eligible for our 30 day money back guarantee (TOS). To cancel your account and receive a refund, follow these steps:

    1. Login to your client area ( )

    2. Click 'Services' from the menu navigation, and from the dropdown select 'My Services'

    3. Locate the service(s) you wish to cancel

    4. Select the dropdown arrow to the right of 'View Details'

    5. From the dropdown, select 'Request Cancellation'

    6. In the text box, write that you would like to take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee. Please also explain why you're cancelling, this information helps us in the future

    7. The selected service will be canceled within 24-48 hours. You will not be charged if your invoice due date lands within that time


If you need to change your payment method to credit card or wish to setup a recurring payment, you can add a credit card to your account.

  1. Login to your client area ( )

  2. Select 'Hello,Name' from the navigation menu and then 'Manage Credit Card' from the dropdown

  3. From the following page you can edit/delete your existing card or add a new card

If your credit card is being declined, please contact our billing department for further assistance.

After following the cancellation procedures outlined here  you can manually cancel the subscription by logging into PayPal and following these procedures:

1) Click on Profile at the top of the page

2) Click My Preapproved Payments in the Financial Information colum

3) Click View The Agreement to view the subscription agreement

4) Select Cancel

We hate to see people leave, however we understand your hosting needs may change over time. To cancel your service you must do the following:

    1. Login to your client area ( )

    2. Click 'Services' from the menu navigation, and from the dropdown select 'My Services'

    3. Locate the service(s) you wish to cancel

    4. Click the service you wish to cancel from your services list

    5. From the left side 'Actions' menu, click 'Request Cancellation'

    6. Please fill in the form with why you're cancelling, any problems you had, or any suggestions for improvement. This information helps us in the future!

    7. The selected service will be canceled within 24-48 hours. You will not be charged if your invoice due date lands within that time.

If your credit/debit card is not accepted by our billing system directly you can use PayPal to process the payment. You do not need to have a PayPal account to take advantage of this and there are no additional fees for paying through PayPal. Please follow these instructions to complete your credit/debit card payment through PayPal:

  1. Login to your client area at 

  2. Navigate to your open invoices by visiting or by clicking "Billing => My Invoices" from your client area menu navigation:

  3. Select the invoice you need to pay. On the invoice payment page switch your payment method to PayPal:

  4. Once you have confirmed the payment method is set to PayPal you should see a "Debit or Credit Card" payment button appear on the top right of the invoice:

  5. Click the "Debit or Credit Card" payment button and a card number, expiration date, and CSC/CVV field will appear. Enter your debit or credit card details accordingly, and then click "Pay Now" to finalize your payment.

If you experience any issues in completing payment please provide the error(s) you receive to our billing department by emailing [email protected] or through a ticket at

It is possible to send your referred traffic through your affiliate URL to a specific page on our site. To accomplish this you will need to:
  1. Login to your client area and visit to obtain your affiliate URL and affiliate ID. For example you should see a URL like

  2. Locate the page on you'd like visitors to land on. For example we'll use

  3. Take your affiliate URL and append '&page=shared-web-hosting' to the end. The final URL would look like: -- in this example you need to make sure you replace XXXX with your affiliate ID.

  4. This method can be used to link to any page on our website. All you need to do is copy the page name and add it to your affiliate URL as shown in the above example. Some common pages can be found below, again you need to replace XXXX with your affiliate ID:

All hosting plans are automatically renewed unless a cancellation request is submitted through your client area. Our billing system will generate your renewal invoice 7 days prior to the due date and send you a notification email. If you'd like to renew more than 7 days in advance, please contact our billing department and we can manually generate your renewal invoice.

You'll also have a 7 day grace period after the invoice due date before your account is suspended. If you need more time just let us know and we can provide an additional extension.

You can upgrade anytime by logging into our client area at and following these instructions:

  1. Login to your client area (

  2. Click 'Services' from the menu navigation, and from the dropdown select 'My Services'

  3. Locate the service(s) you wish to upgrade/downgrade. Select the service.

  4. Locate the 'Actions' menu on the left side navigation and select 'Upgrade/Downgrade'

If you need further help submit a ticket to our billing department.
Please note: If your renewal invoice is already generated and you wish to upgrade / downgrade, contact our billing department before paying your invoice.

Cloud compute services can complete bandwidth only upgrades directly through the client area. We offer upgrades in blocks of 1TB and 5TB priced at $10.00/mo per additional 1TB. To upgrade your cloud compute bandwidth:

  1. Login to your client area at

  2. Click 'Services' from the menu navigation, and from the dropdown select 'View Available Addons'

  3. The Product Addons interface will show the 1TB and 5TB additional bandwidth packages. Select the compute you wish to upgrade from the dropdown and then click "Order Now"

  4. You will be redirected to the cart to complete the upgrade and payment. Once the order is submitted the bandwidth will be upgraded within 10 minutes.

Please note: If your compute is suspended you will be unable to complete this upgrade. You will need to open a ticket with our billing department to complete a bandwidth upgrade on a suspended compute.

Cloud compute upgrades cannot be reverted or downgraded. Once your cloud compute upgrade is completed you will be unable to revert back to a lower tier plan.

  1. Login to your client area (

  2. Click "Services"from the menu navigation, and from the dropdown select "My Services":

  3. Locate the cloud compute you wish to upgrade/downgrade. Click on the service:

  4. After you click on the service you will be taken to the "Manage Product" page. Click the green "Upgrade" button to complete the process:

If you encounter any issues or errors while upgrading please contact our billing department through the helpdesk for further assistance.
Cloud compute upgrades cannot be reverted or downgraded. Once your compute upgrade is completed you will be unable to revert back to a lower tier plan.

All invoices are generated seven days prior to the invoice due date. You have a seven day grace period to pay the invoice from the original due date before your account is suspended.

If for some reason you cannot pay the invoice within the grace period please submit a ticket and we'll be more than happy to extend the grace period.

When a payment is made for an invoice using a credit/debit card our system will automatically add this credit/debit to your profile for future invoices. If you do not wish to store your payment method on file you will need to manually remove the card from your client area profile:

  1. Login to your client area at

  2. Once you have logged in click "Hello, Your Name" from your top right menu navigation and then click "Payment Methods". Alternatively you can click the URL and it will take you to the right interface:

  3. When viewing your Payment Method interface you will see all currently stored payment methods for your account. To delete a payment method click the "Delete" button to the right of the card(s) you wish to remove:

  4. The card(s) will be removed from your profile and become unusable for any future automatic renewals. You will be required to manually pay your renewal invoices now that your payment methods have been removed.

All Canadian residents are required to pay taxes on all invoices to Hawk Host as we're a Canadian company. As a result you may need our HST number, which is:


Any further questions related to taxes on invoices for our services should be referred to our billing department through our helpdesk.

Since our credit card merchant is located in Canada some banks take it upon themselves to charge a "Foreign Transaction Fee" which is a few dollars. This is unfortunately out of our hands and up to the discretion of the bank alone.

Here is some more information regarding different fee's associated with some banks and credit cards (this website is not ours so please use at your own discretion):

Currently the promotions listed on our website are not applicable in our Hong Kong or Singapore locations. The reason for this is operating costs in the Asia/Pacific region are higher than our other locations, so the lack of current discounts reflects that difference. We want to ensure all locations offer the same reliability and performance and part of that is adjusting costs based on our infrastructure expenses in any given region.

There are a number of reasons your credit card may be declined by our billing system. The most common reasons include:

  • Your bank/card issuer is declining the charge since they see it as a foreign transaction. Hawk Host is based in Canada so a large number of US based financial institutions will automatically decline an attempted charge from a foreign country.

  • The billing address on your client area profile ( does not match the billing address on your credit card. We do an address verification lookup for all credit card transactions and if the address we have on file doesn't match your credit card billing address, the charge is automatically declined.

  • Your invoice total is below the minimum transaction amount. If your invoice is for less than $2.00 USD our system will automatically decline the charge if you're paying with credit card.

  • You're using NoScript or any other browser plugin that blocks client-side scripting languages or popups. Our billing system relies on Javascript for a number of functions, a solution to this is using a private browsing session or temporarily use a browser without NoScript to complete your payment.

Should you have issues paying an invoice we recommend calling your bank/card issuer for information first. If they're unable to resolve your issue, please contact our billing department regarding your payment. When submitting your ticket to our billing department we ask you please provide us with the last 4 digits of the card(s) you've tried using, along with the cardholders last name.

All orders are processed through a fraud check system which verifies a number of details before the order is accepted. Because of this your order can be marked as fraud and payment refunded if some of the details do not match. Some common reasons you may be marked as fraud:

    • The IP address you placed the order from does not match the address you entered on your profile. For example your IP is from the Canada but your address is from another country
    • You ordered through a VPN/proxy
    • The payment details do not match the information provided on your client profile
    • Your domain is suspected to be in violation of our TOS/AUP
    • The domain you're using on your account is registered under different information than is provided on your account profile

If your order matches one or more of the above criteria the order may be marked as fraud and your payment will be automatically refunded. If you feel your order was marked as fraud by mistake, please contact our billing department by emailing [email protected] and we'll be happy to investigate the issue and provide a more thorough explanation.